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News 2021 -2022
Postponed from 2021, the bilingual poetry collection Meer, reif & verwegen - Mar, maduro y atrevido (sea, mature & daring) will now be published by Chili Verlag on 1.10.2022, fitting to my reading at art society Neuhausen. In addition, poems by Matthias Santiago Staehle can be found in the Yearbook of Eroticism - my secret eye (2021 & 2022), Konkursbuch – stranger (2021), Scharfseitig Magazin No. 3 - Contact (2021). |

News 2020

A year with a lot of writing, little public, but the hopeful outlook a book with only my poems will be published in 2021. Currently my postcard story is selected for exhibition and print from the literature house Freiburg. As addendum and obituary (for the plattform, unfortunately from 2021 on only archive) a poem by me at fixpoerty.

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News 2019

Matthias Santiago Staehle has won the „Pollypreis“ for political poetry 2019 which is connected with the release of „the two year book of political poerty 2019/20“ that includes 3 poems of Matthias and the other 14 nominated. The price ceremony, with before a reading of all nominated poets was in Berlin on 19.10.2019

The book was published by edition bodoni.

News 2018

Matthias has shiftet to writing novels and poems.
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The food blog was born out of passion for cooking. It is written in english for world wide friends and especial those from Matthias second home country Chile.

A Shortfilm by Matthias Santiago Staehle

53th Nordic Film Days Lübeck
3.11.2011, 22.30 Uhr, Cinestar 1
18 Oldenburg International Film Festival
17.9. 2011, 20:00, CinemaxX 3

Festivalpresentation supported by the Film Commission FFHSH
(Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH)

A Shortfilm by Matthias Santiago Staehle

The origin of a picture.
starring: Roman Woerlein, music: Tobi Hang

international premiere at
german premiere at
Weimar backup-festival (categorie backup.award)

A Shortfilm by Matthias Santiago Staehle

Shortfilm competition:
32. Max Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken 2011

18.01.2011, 13:30 H, CineStar 1
20.01.2011, 14:00 H, CineStar 3
21.01.2011, 19:30 H, CineStar 3
23.01.2011, 17:00 H, CineStar 1

Festivalpresentation supported by the Film Commission FFHSH
(Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH)

A Shortfilm by Matthias Santiago Staehle

44th Hof international Filmfest
27.10.2010, Classic cinema, 21:00 H
30.10.2010, City cinema, 20:45 H

10th Flensburger Shortfilm Festival
12.11.2010, cinema 51 Stufen, 21:30 H

Festivalpresentation supported by the Film Commission FFHSH
(Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH)

Mikrofan will be screened troughout Germany starting 2.12.

Distributer: Dejavue film distribution Hamburg

DVD Release will follow...

Matthias Santiago Staehle compiled the filmprogram "in search of... experimental cinema between fiction and documentary" which was presented during the Berlinale 2010 at the forgotten bar gallery (Berlin/Kreuzberg). The program (for details see left) may be screened upon consultation in other galleries and is also available for 12 Euro (limited edition) as DVD.

Matthias Santiago Staehle is represented as a director and as an actor alias Diego Greene (second given name and the last name of his mother) by Management Lautenbacher.

Mikrofan is the feature film debut of Matthias Santiago Staehle and the first part of his love&music trilogy. Among many influences, the film comes out of a Hamburg realism tradition and is inspired and related with what some call the nouvelle vague allemande. Filmed with long camera takes and real hiphop musicians the movie gives a realistic portrait of youth and especially the Hamburg underground hiphop scene. Shooting on real locations gives the movie also a laconic atmosphere which is the handicraft and style of director Matthias Santiago Staehle.
Mikrofan will be screened at the 41th international Hofer Filmdays:
Thursday, 25.10.2007, 23:00 h, City Kino
Saturday, 27.10.2007, 00:30 h, Central Kino
Sunday, 28.10.2007, 18:00 h, Central Kino |

In co-operation with Intervista Digitalmedia, Filmfest Hamburg, NBC Universal, Das Vierte, Meerfilm has produced two 100 seconds movies. The titles "Abschied" and "Mission Materna", both directed by Matthias Santiago Staehle, have been screened at Filmfest Hamburg 2006. Simultaneously, they were released on DVD as an enclosure for the TV Movie Magazine, together with eight other productions. The movies are based on ideas and srcipts contributed by the viewers of Das Vierte, a German TV channel.