Meerfilm Productions

» Liebe oder Sex (Love or Sex)« HD | 5 min. | 2013
A man is waiting for a woman. She has already visited him before in his flat. What connects them?
Starring: Luise Herzberg von Rauch and Simon Goerts

» Seine Meine Schuld (His, My Fault)« HD | 8 min. | 2011
There’s a thin line between fortune and misfortune. Eric agrees to do his brother a questionable favor, but has to deal with the tragic consequences on his own.

» The Highway « Super8 | 5 min. | 2000/2010
The origin of a picture.
Starring: Roman Woerlein, Musik: Tobi Hang

» Liebe oder Nichts (Love or Nothing)« | HD | 15min | 2009/2010
Ralf asks after the second date with Susa, his colleague for an advice for his third date. This advice leads unintended to a disaster.

» amor o muerte (love or death)« | Red One | 30min | 2008/2009
Out of the explosive mixture of lack of money and artistic and political ideals Salvador founds together with his two best friends a political initiative. Their first action, a party in memory of the revolutionary year 1968 in Germany just seems to be harmless.

» Mikrofan« | Super 16/ Dv | 80min | 2007
Sam(uel) is rapper, so are his best friends. Around a bolt soccer place in Hamburg city and in the shadow of three skyscrapers they life their lives and love their music. As one of his friends starts an affair with Lisa the long time girlfriend of Sam, angry silence starts, till the "mikrofan" takes the word up...

» Desertion « | Super16 | 17min | 2005
Anton Mayer is 80 years old, as a young man he was a german soldier in the second world war. His grandchild Tim wants Anton to come to school and tell about his experience, but Anton don`t likes talking about that time.

» Advent, Advent « | Super16 | 8min | 2004
It is Saturdaynight in the time bevor Christmas. Tim and Marc two good friends, got to know Sonja and Natalie. Tim and Natalie, and Marc and Sonja got closer. It has become late and they leave together the club, to go to the fishmarket. Afterwards they go to Marcs place where Sonja tells Marc that she has allready a boyfriend.

» Window to Chile « | Super8 | 5min | 2003
A documentation of a journey through chile, mainly by bus and most of the time on the Panamericana highway.

» 50 Euro « | DV / 35mm | 5min | Dolby SR | 2003
It is Saturday, the Hamburg soccerclub FC ST Pauli plays at home at the „Millerntor Stadion“.
Three friends are together at the game.

» 4 o`clock (weekend) « | 16mm | 9min | 2002
A weekend in the life of a twenty something girl or woman. The film starts on Saturday afternoon at 4 o´Clock and ends on Monday morning at 4 o`clock.
Always at 4 o`clock it seems as time stands still.

» Johnny`s Ark« | 35mm | 7min | Dolby SR | 2001
The future. The world is in a war …
Professor Johnny  has a built a rocket, to save the human race. The rocket was constructed for a girl and a boy, the problem is that his colleagues
couldn´t find till now a boy with no radiation.